Services we Provide

Engineering Services

We provide an end-to-end engineering support and advisory services for Site Sustainability management. Our Engineering Subject Matter Experts (SME) Coordinate and oversee the safe, secure, and environmentally-sound operations and maintenance of infrastructure in a cost effective manner aimed at long-term preservation of the asset value.

Reducing energy consumption during the operational phase of a facility's/ Assets life for economic reasons goes hand-in-hand with carbon emissions.

Major Engineering Services Includes

  1. Electrical Maintenance: Lighting, Transformers, HV Panel , LV Panel, Generators, UPS etc
  2. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning: Chillers, Boiler, Cooling Tower, AHU, Pumps, Water treatment etc.
  3. Mechanical Maintenance: Compressor, Lifts, Escalator etc
  4. Fire Services: Fire Protection and Suppression, PA system, Fire Pumps etc.
  5. Plumbing Maintenance
  6. BMS
  7. General Maintenance : Preventive & Corrective Management